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Refund Policy

A full refund minus shipping fees will be granted only if a product is returned unopened within 7 days of being receipt back to Healthy Hydration. (“Company”)

A Restocking Fee *please see below* will be charged when:

  • A unit is returned opened or used (e.g. water has run through the unit) within seven (7) days of receipt
  • A new, unopened unit is returned after seven (7) days but before 14 days of receipt
  • A used unit that is returned after seven (7) days, but before 14 days of receipt will be charged a Cancellation Fee (in lieu of a Restocking Fee) (see below)

Cancellation and Restocking Fees:


Cancellation Fee

Restocking Fee

The Best Hydrogen Water Home Unit



The Best Hydrogen Water Sports Bottle



The Best Hydrogen Disinfecting Spray



The Whole Home Elite System



Eco Starter Pack 



The Best Hydrogen Water Inhilation Device Bundle 



The Best Hydrogen Water Cooler




Please note that a machine in any condition may NOT be returned for a refund or store credit after one 14 days following receipt. In the event of financing, the buyer understands and agrees to fulfill their monthly payment obligations in totality if the product is outside of the Return Period.

In the event any item of the product/ order has been opened and/or used a cancellation fee will apply. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

The refund policy is deemed null and void if the customer/ client has caused intentional damage to the product. If the product has been dropped or visible damage is caused to the product at the fault of the customer the refund policy is not valid.

Additionally, if a certified plumber has not installed the product the policy is also null and void. It is of utmost importance to hire a certified plumber to install the filters and machines to your water source to ensure it is done correctly and that your machine is getting clean filtered water to produce the best results. 

Proof of delivery is required for all returned products. It is the buyer’s responsibility to return the product safely and securely. Please reach out to us at Support@healthyhydration.com if you'd like to return your product so we can provide you with a return label. 

** Receipt refers to the date of pickup or the date of signed delivery of the product. **