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Extended Lifetime Warranty

$250.00 USD


  • Here at The Best Hydrogen Water, we stand behind our products. You may or may not be aware of this, but we offer an upgraded Lifetime Warranty on all of our water products. LIFETIME!!! How many appliances do you own that have a lifetime warranty? We’re willing to say probably none. Most appliances only carry a very limited manufacturer warranty with an option to purchase additional coverage. Not at The Best Hydrogen Water! When you purchase a water unit from us, you are buying quality that we are happy to stand behind.  


What does the LIFETIME WARRANTY include?

  1. If you, the customer, experience any performance issues with our cutting-edge water systems, then we will fix or replace the unit. We will action repairs or replacements within a reasonable time, in the majority of cases.
  2. Any damaged unit will be fixed or replaced with a comparable unit at no cost to you (excluding shipping). The only eventuality not covered under our warranty is intentional or accidental breakage caused by dropping one of our units or damage arising from something of a similar nature. In order for this warranty to be valid you will need to make sure you are using our pre-filter designed for your water condition.  You are free to produce as much water as you wish, as our advanced cleaning system, pre-filtration, and power methods are the toughest and most advanced in the industry.
  3. The terms above are in effect forever on the best hydrogen water products excluding the Hydroshot, hydrogen eye goggles, and disinfecting spray.
  4. Please take some time to compare our warranty to those of anyone in the industry. We know that we have the best warranty and you will be very happy. Our warranty is just one more way that the best hydrogen water is setting the gold standard in customer care while creating “water for health & wellness”.


Does the guarantee apply to customers outside the USA?

  • Guarantee applies to customers residing in the USA (including the US, that have purchased directly from Healthy Hydration Home Services or a Best Hydrogen water Affiliate or an authorized reseller.