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Oxidize It: The natural way to get your clothes clean

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  1. If you're looking for a laundry solution that's both effective and earth-friendly, look no further than Oxidize It. This American-made product is specifically designed to clean your clothes without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents - all you need is cold water!
  2. Activated oxygen and oxidizers work together to break down dirt and grime, leaving your clothes fresh and clean with a subtle, pleasant scent. And because it doesn't rely on hot water, Oxidize It is also more energy-efficient than traditional laundry methods.
  3. This nifty little gadget attaches right to your cold water line and uses the power of oxidation to get your laundry super clean, without any harsh chemicals.
  4. Allergy sufferers, rejoice! Since there are no chemicals involved, you can use Oxidize It without worrying about any reactions. Plus, it's environmentally friendly and safe for septic systems. So why not give it a try? Your clothes (and your skin!) will thank you for making the switch to Oxidize It.

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