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Hydra-Home Unit

Hydra-Home Unit

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Hydra-Home Unit - Healthy Hydration

Hydra-Home Unit

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Alkaline Ionized water or Hydrogen Water what is the is best for you?  

Did you know that Alkaline Water Ionizers were designed to make Alkaline Water and not Hydrogen Water?  The reason for this is because it was not well known until recently with over 3000 or more studies proving that it is the molecular hydrogen in the alkaline ionized  water that was and is responsible for any and all therapeutic benefits. 

Why is the Hydra- Home unit different then Alkaline Ionized Technology?

The Hydra-Home uses SPE/PEM technology: 

SPE- Solid Polymer Electrolyte is a membrane used that is embedded with electrolytes and allows hydrogen to freely pass though the membrane.

PEM- Proton Exchange Membrane is conducive it self and does not rely on source water with high concentration of calcium or other hard minerals to produce molecular hydrogen.


Less water consumption is required due to higher concentration levels of molecular  hydrogen to receive the therapeutic dose.  

Consistent levels of Molecular Hydrogen 

Higher concentrations levels of Molecular Hydrogen 

Little to no maintenance 

Ph levels are in healthy range and much less likely to scale and build up with calcium 

Alkaline Water uses Electrolysis Technology: 

Highly dependent on source water you must having enough minerals to conduct electricity in order to make hydrogen gas. 

Lower concentration of hydrogen gas

The pH water tends to go above 8.5ph putting the customer at risk for hypokalemia and other health risks according to the environmental protection agency, and the world health organization.

 Very large volume of water is required to get a benefit. 

No dissolver technology that helps the stability of the Hydrogen once it gets into the water.  

The hydrogen bubbles that are produced are too large to be dissolved into the water

 Promotes scaling and calcium precipitation 

Fine-tuning the flow rate in order to get better Hydrogen production. 

Weekly maintenance  due to the mineral concentration build up.

Ozone Water Benefits 

Great for washing fruits and vegetables killing various bacteria, fungi, algae and parasites 

Add a few gallons of ozone to your laundry for that clean fresh smell and save on laundry soap.

Try brushing your teeth for a whiter brighter healthier smile.

Give your skin the healthy flawless glow by spraying your skin with ozone when getting out of the shower.   

Product Quality and Testing

Healthy Hydration goes above for their consumers providing 3rd party testing and certifications insuring that the Hydra-Home unit produces therapeutic levels of Molecular Hydrogen as well as water quality testing to insure safety and quality. 

Healthy Hydration is proud to announce its latest certification from H2 analytics 
(Results Here)

Maintenance and Warranty  

User friendly- filter change  every 2000 liters (6-12 months average) average cost $89.00
Self cleaning mode with a push of a button.
 (3 year warranty)  



The Hydra-Home unit comes with installation accessories designed for the standard faucet installation or wall mount. Available to purchase is the diverter faucet kit for that sleek clean counter top look.  

Same day shipping, video step by step installation guide,  pre-filters available for water conditions that are less than except-able. 

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    ✅ Isabella From USA

    ✅ Eva From Canada

    ✅ Mia From United Kingdom

    ✅ Sophie From USA

    ✅ John From USA

    ✅ Priya From Australia

    ✅ Jenna From Canada

    ✅ Helena From Switzerland