Frequently Asked Questions


Hydrogen Water FAQ

  • Can I drink Ozone Water?

    We don’t recommend drinking ozone water

  • What is the ozone water for?

    Sanitizing, disinfecting, we don't recommend drinking it, but other people have found many uses

  • hydra home Can I set up the unit myself?

    Yes, but we do recommend a plumber.

  • How much hydrogen water can I drink per day?

    We recommend a target of .5oz/pound, so if you weight 175lbs 87.5oz a little over half a gallon.

  • What time of day should I drink the hydrogen water?

    Thought the entire day! For those with acid reflux, we don't recommend drinking water with meals.

  • Can I drink hydrogen water before bedtime?

    Yes, without a doubt!

  • Should I drink hydrogen water everyday and cook with it?

    Yes of course, silly.

Hydrogen Home FAQ

  • Can I set up the unit myself?

    Yes, but we do recommend a plumber.

  • Do I need to have my unit cleaned?

    The cleaning button activates when the device needs to be cleaned, press the cleaning button to complete this process

  • What is the purified water for?

    This is regular filtered water without hydrogen.

Hydra Deluxe FAQ

  • How hot does the heating option get?

    Perfect for a hot cup of tea.

  • What’s the difference between nano hydrogen and the regular hydrogen?

    Smaller particles allow for a deeper saturation in your blood.

  • How much water does the tank hold?

    It holds a gallon in the tank!

  • Is nano hydrogen better for you

    Nano hydrogen saturates your blood at an increased amount.

  • Do you drink the same amount of water?

    You drink the same amount.

Hydra Shot FAQ

  • What kind of water can I put in the hydra shot?

    Filtered water, distilled, or R.O.

  • How high can I fill the hydra shot to alleviate pressure?

    We recommend not filling 100% to the top, that will increase the pressure of the cap.

  • How much Hydrogen does the hydra shot make?

    3.5 to 5.5

  • How many times a day can I use the hydra shot?

    We recommend 3-5 for best use

  • What is the warranty on the Hydra Shot?

    1 year

  • Do you drink the same amount of water?

    You drink the same amount.

Upscale Filter FAQ

  • Can the media be customized?

    For personalized media, we will need a water report at which point we can evaluate the needs, this is smart for well solutions

  • What is the temperature tolerance for the upscale filter?

    Nothing above 120 degrees is recommended.

  • Where in my home or on my property can the upscale filter be installed?

    We typically put it in the laundry room or near the water heater, anywhere near the main water line will work.

  • Do I need to have a certified plumber to hook up my filter?

    Yes! These can be complex systems and we always recommend a plumber.

Disinfectant Spray FAQ

  • What is the difference between hypochlorous & hypochlorite?

    The main difference is salt.

  • Can I use hypochlorous acid on my pet?

    Yes it is highly recommended.

  • Is hypochlorous acid good for acne?

    Yes, great for acne. It's how I got rid of mine. Also good for the skin in general.

  • Does hypochlorite kill viruses? If so, which ones?

    The EPA has great info on this, and it is ever changing!

  • The hypochlorite kills the following:

    Yes. Nearly all of them no exaggeration. All your exterior viruses of course nothing internal. Like nearly anything.