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What is Safe Drinking Water?

According to the EPA your water is considered safe if the level of contaminats meets a set of standards that were established in 1996 by the water quality act, unfortunately these standards have not been updated for more than 20 years, and because of this there are chemicals not being regulated like PFAS. This unregulated chemical and many others are now causing one of the biggest health threats to humans and animals according to Water Quality Officials.


What is Water Contamination?

It is the presence of harmful substances or pollutants in water, making it unsafe for consumption or use. Most common water contaminant is PFAS, and it is:

  • A man-made chemicals found in many consumer products.
  • Persistent and can accumulate in the environment and in the human body.
  • Exposure to PFAS has been linked to health problems.

Best Water Purification Solution

Enjoy Safe Clean water throughout your entire home. Lower hard water scale and build up. No more showering in chlorinated harmful chemicals. No maintenance or filter replacements up to 10-15 years.

  • Lower oxidative stress and inflammation.

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What is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Has been proven Safe and Effective in over 170 Different Disease models & has over 2,000 studies that have been performed year to date proving its safety & effectiveness.