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Hydra-Home Unit Internal Filter Replacement

Hydra-Home Unit Internal Filter Replacement

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Activated Carbon (Certified NSF 61, 42)


Activated carbon is a porous element that traps compounds, present in a gas or liquid. It does this so effectively that it is the most widely used purifying agent used in water filtration.

In general, carbon filters remove at least 81 chemicals and are effective at reducing another 52. According to the EPA, activated carbon is the ONLY filtering material that removes all 12 identified herbicides and 14 pesticides, along with all 32 identified organic contaminants.

Activated carbon also removes chemicals, such as chlorine, that affect the aesthetic quality of your drinking water. Most public water systems in the United States contain chlorine as a disinfectant. However, chlorine can lead to an unpleasant taste and smell in tap water as well as create potentially carcinogenic byproducts. Activated carbon filter media filter out chlorine and byproducts of chlorine TTHM's) and also VOC's, to produce clean water.

While no filter is capable of removing every contaminant from water, but carbon filters do a great job. Additionally, carbon filtration systems target pollution without stripping water of beneficial compounds like minerals, making your water as safe and healthy as possible.

Two very important Certificates behind the Hydra-Home replacement filter:

The National Sanitation Foundation's standards help keep potable water in safe, drinkable conditions for the public. The NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certification signals that a product is safe to be installed in a potable water system for public use or consumption and is verified by a 3rd party.
The NSF/ANSI 42 standard is used to certify products for removing or reducing concentrations of contaminants that may cause negative aesthetic effects (i.e. color, taste and odor impacts). The standard establishes requirements for removing or reducing the concentrations of compounds that cause an unpleasant taste, odor or color in drinking water, including aesthetic chlorine, chloramines, sizable particulates and microbes, manganese, iron, and zinc
Filter Replacement is recommended every 6-12 month or before 4,000 liters 
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  • What is Contaminated Water?

    Outdated water quality standards pose a risk as they fail to address emerging contaminants like lead, chlorine, fluoride, and arsenic, leading to significant health hazards for humans and animals, including mild symptoms like nausea or more severe ones like kidney damage or cancer. It is important to know what exactly is in your drinking water to make sure you are not taking in any of these contaminants.

  • What is Safe Drinking Water?

     Water contamination refers to the presence of harmful substances or pollutants, making it unfit for consumption or usage. One prevalent contaminant is PFAS, a man-made chemical commonly found in various consumer products. PFAS is persistent, accumulating in both the environment and the human body, and has been associated with adverse health effects that can lead to kidney disease and cancer.

  • What is the Best Water Purification System?

    Experience the pleasure of safe, clean water in every place in your home, while effectively reducing hard water scale and eliminating chlorine and contaminant exposure. Enjoy the benefits of improved well-being, including lowered oxidative stress, enhanced immune and gut function, increased energy levels, and faster recovery, all supported by a wealth of over 1,000 scientific studies. Start improving your health and quality of life through Hydrogen Water!

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