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Hydra Shot 4 in 1 Starter (Pack Pre-Order Only)

Hydra Shot 4 in 1 Starter (Pack Pre-Order Only)

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Order your Hydra-Shot Inhalation Lid & eye Goggle's Now before they are sold out. Designed to enhance your well-being, this cutting-edge new product to hit the market offers a unique combination of uses and functionality, with high hydrogen production, and exceptional quality.

Full Description

Elevate Your Well-being

High Hydrogen Production: Our Hydrogen Starter Pack utilizes advanced technology to generate and deliver a high concentration of hydrogen, ensuring optimal effectiveness and maximum benefits for your health of up to 5 PPM.

Premium Quality Materials: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Hydrogen Starter Pack is made from high-quality, durable materials to ensure longevity and safety.

Empowering Your Health Journey

Targeted Benefits for Athletes: Enhance your athletic performance and recovery with the power of hydrogen. Enjoy improved stamina, reduced muscle fatigue, and accelerated post-workout recovery.

Benefits for Respiratory Issues: Breathe easier and support respiratory health with hydrogen inhalation. Experience relief from symptoms associated with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.

Promote Eye Health: Our hydrogen-infused eye drops provide gentle and effective care for your eyes. Soothe dryness, alleviate discomfort, and support overall eye health.

Support for Disease Management: Hydrogen has shown promising results in supporting various disease management protocols. Consult with your healthcare professional to explore the potential benefits for your specific condition.

Harness the power of hydrogen and unlock the numerous benefits it offers.

Whats Included

  • Inhalation Lid & canula
  • Eye Goggles with tubes
  • Hydra-Shot
  • Disinfect Spray


Ships 24 to 48 hours after purchase

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Up To 3X Higher Enriched Pure Hydrogen

We use the latest technology to ensure that your water is highly concentrated and enriched with pure Hydrogen as well as all new nano Hydrogen bubbles.

Breathe in the rejuvenating effects of hydrogen-rich gas

Immerse yourself in wellness with our hydrogen inhalation product. Inhale rejuvenating hydrogen-rich gas for enhanced vitality. This convenient solution harnesses hydrogen's antioxidants to combat stress and inflammation, boosting energy and cognitive function. Elevate your daily routine with the key to a revitalized self.

How Does It Work?

A simple press of the button will produce hydrogen resulting in a fresh, soft and smooth tasting bottle of hydrogen-enriched water as well as hydrogen-rich gas

Stay Hydrogenated Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy, refreshing, and invigorating hydrogen water or hydrogen rich gas at any time, anywhere. We promise a high-quality experience, with a push of a button.

  • Lower Oxidation Stress

  • Immune Boost

  • More Energy

  • Faster Recovery

  • Science Backed



Hydrogen water is simply water that has been infused with molecular hydrogen molecules, turning ordinary H2O into a health-boosting drink.

  • The ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) measures the ability of water to either release or accept electrons during a chemical reaction. Hydrogen water, being a potent antioxidant, has a negative ORP value, meaning it can effectively neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.


Although you will see bubbles rise in your bottle, the water does not have a "fizzy" taste like carbonated water. Hydrogen water tastes light, clean, and crisp - just like premium quality water, but with added health benefits!


You may use mineral, spring, distilled, or tap water with your Hydra-Shot. It's designed to deliver hydrogen-rich water, regardless of the source.


The Hydra-Shot water bottle creates hydrogen water in two cycles. A 5-minute cycle yields a concentration of 3000ppb, while a 10-minute cycle produces an impressive 5000ppb concentration.

Customer Reviews

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Adrienne Jackim
The only one that works!

I’ve bought SEVERAL hydrogen bottles, and because I’m a weirdo I bought the h2blue drops and digital tester. So far this is the only hydrogen water bottle that actually shows a hydrogen level that is therapeutic.. I tried Amazon bottles, piurify, and Temu bottles- so hat my healthy hydration is the only one that lives up to their claims. I really wish I could afford the whole home system or the portable filtration system, but sadly they are way out of this mom of twos budget. It’s on the list of things to buy when I win the lottery though. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying my hydro shot.


What an incredible product works fantastically!

This hydriogen water bottle has changed my life!

I was blown away by the results from this durable product. It’s so easy to enjoy hydrogen water, and this company is amazing with their support.. I’m really happy with my decision! I I feel lighter as well as less hungry, and I feel like my recovery after my workouts is smoother. Thank you so much.!


Everything works great!