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Guide to Women's Health (Fit From Within)

Guide to Women's Health (Fit From Within)

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Are your hormones Controlling you?

Have you ever wondered why some days you wake up excited about life, confident, happy, motivated and you just feel great, you're sticking to your workout routine and nutritional program and getting results!  Life is just going your way. 

Then a few days go by and you're wondering what the heck happened.  You jumped on the scale, you have gained several pounds and your paints no longer fit…  Then you seem to miss a few workouts, and instead of being confident, happy and sticking to your nutrition you seem to be starving all of the time, and can't seem to put down the sugar, salt and carbohydrates.  

Once again you say well I will give into my cravings and start over again tomorrow… Does this sound familiar?

If so it’s not your fault this is called hormone induced self sabotage and it happens every month. The key is to know when to expect this hormonal shift and understand what’s going on in our bodies as females, what and why we are craving certain things and why you may not be feeling your best, then fueling the body instead of starving the body as the more you do this the more and more unbalanced you will become stressing out other systems in your body eventually leading to more and more weight gain and unbalanced hormones.

How do I know this and how did I develop the Fit From Within program to be able to assist women globally change their bodies and understand that we no longer need to feel frustrated and dis empowered? 

Allow me share my  story with you….  

I had always been healthy,  never really over weight when growing up at the age of 19 I decided to start bodybuilding and working out very intensity to were I was barley eating any food, taking diet pills daily and working out several times a day just so I could go on stage and look good in a swimsuit. 

After a few years of this my hair started falling out, I became so constipated, my joints ached, head ached and I had to take sleeping pills just to try and get 6hr of sleep per night, not to mention I had not had a menstrual cycle in a few years. 

Because I felt so bad all of the time, I went to as many doctors as possible to try and get answers….  And what did they say?  Amanda YOU are my mystery patient I have no idea what is going on in your body but try this pill….. Pill after pill doctor after doctor same story.   

I finally found a doctor who was holistic and did some blood work and found some staggering results, I was so toxic so stressed my hormone function was so low that if I kept doing what I was doing to my body he said I would kill my self.  

And because of this diagnosis at the age around 21 I stopped the strict diet, and exercise program and decided life was more important that just looking good on stage.

Well to my surprise as soon as I left the diet alone and went back to a healthy diet the weight began to pile on and pile on in just a few months was considered clinically obese, and now the depression set in... I just wanted to be normal, 

I went an entire 8 years in this uncomfortable body, and still had no menstruation now I was on depression medication and still trying to find out what was going on in my body. What was I going to do? 

 Well I decided to get some education on our unique female system self research trying different things graduating from Ashworth College and the Institute of Integrative nutrition becoming a certified health coach, and finally found the answers I was looking for.  

Now I want to help you achieve the healthy body you deserve to have and no longer be controlled by your hormones. Not only will your body be happy and healthy you will not feel deprived of food and you will look forward to every month as you begin to understand more and more about your body and how to work with it instead of against it!  

This program has been a game changer for me now I get to enjoy living in a healthy body and best of all I have the loves of my life Leilani & Jadyn and get to inspire and impact the lives of women around the globe and your next!

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