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UpScale Bundle Pack With Hydra-Home Unit

UpScale Bundle Pack With Hydra-Home Unit

Introducing the UpScale Bundle Pack with Hydra-Home Unit - the ultimate whole-home solution! Experience the benefits of hydrogen water on the go with the Hydra-Shot, along with the disinfecting power of our spray. The Whole Home UpScale Water System, featuring Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC), KDF 55, and catalytic carbon, ensures clean and scale-free water throughout your home. Upgrade to the Hydra-Home Unit for multiple hydrogen water levels, LCD touch screen, self-cleaning, and more. Enjoy pure, hydrogen-rich water with ease and convenience!

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Embrace a transformative hydration experience as our cutting-edge systems not only provide clean drinking water but also infuse it with hydrogen, delivering unrivaled benefits. With a focus on reducing oxidative stress, boosting immunity, optimizing gut function, and backed by extensive scientific research, we redefine the way you hydrate for a healthier, more invigorated life

This unit is designed to go under your sink and has been certified for its Hydrogen Production as well as metal toxicity by H2 Analytics

UpScale Bundle Pack - Financed - Healthy Hydration

How it Works

Experience the Next Level of Water Treatment with our Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) System. Say goodbye to the negative effects of hard water without sacrificing the essential minerals. Our unique technology transforms dissolved calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate into harmless micro-crystals, preventing scaling and protecting your valuable equipment. Unlike conventional softeners, our NAC system does not add sodium to the water, ensuring the healthiest water available. Enjoy the benefits of crystal clear water, reduced maintenance costs, and peace of mind knowing that your water is free from harmful scale buildup. Upgrade to our Up Scale System and experience the difference today!

  • What is Contaminated Water?

    Outdated water quality standards pose a risk as they fail to address emerging contaminants like lead, chlorine, fluoride, and arsenic, leading to significant health hazards for humans and animals, including mild symptoms like nausea or more severe ones like kidney damage or cancer. It is important to know what exactly is in your drinking water to make sure you are not taking in any of these contaminants.

  • What is Safe Drinking Water?

    Water contamination refers to the presence of harmful substances or pollutants, making it unfit for consumption or usage. One prevalent contaminant is PFAS, a man-made chemical commonly found in various consumer products. PFAS is persistent, accumulating in both the environment and the human body, and has been associated with adverse health effects that can lead to kidney disease and cancer.

  • What is the Best Water Purification System?

    Experience the pleasure of safe, clean water in every place in your home, while effectively reducing hard water scale and eliminating chlorine and contaminant exposure. Enjoy the benefits of improved well-being, including lowered oxidative stress, enhanced immune and gut function, increased energy levels, and faster recovery, all supported by a wealth of over 1,000 scientific studies. Start improving your health and quality of life through Hydrogen Water!

  • Lower Oxidation Stress

  • Immune Boost

  • More Energy

  • Faster Recovery

  • Science Backed


How Does KDF 55 Work?

As the copper-zinc formulation intersperses with brass granules in the filter system, the reaction generates a reaction known as redox or oxidative reduction. The basic chemical process creates a tiny electric field as it uses the impurities found within the water. As water is an excellent insulator, electrons flow while either attaching or detaching from the impurities within the water. As a result, these impurities become harmless, making the water safe for use and drinking. The small electric field created by this process also helps eliminate passing microbes in the tap water.

What Does a KDF 55 Filter Remove?

A KDF 55 filter removes contaminants found within your water supply, including iron, magnesium, calcium carbonate, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, chromium, and chlorine. It is also effective in getting rid of harmful microbes, fungi, and algae in your tap water. Whether you get your water from a municipal water supplier or a deep well, a KDF 55 filter helps in keeping your water safe and free of the mentioned impurities.

Are KDF 55 Filters Safe?

According to studies conducted on the filter media, KDF 55 filters are safe and even recommended in various water treatment systems. Additionally, these are EPA and FDA approved filters. 

How Long Do KDF 55 Filters Last?

Depending on the frequency of usage and other factors like condition for operations, a KDF 55 filter in good condition will last more than six years. However, the longevity of the filter may vary from one household to the other due to various factors.

What Are Chloramines?

Chloramines are added to water as an alternative to chlorine. They inhibit the formation of carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THMs) caused by the interaction of chlorine with organic plant materials.

How is Catalytic carbon created?

By modifying  the surface structure of activated carbon. It is modified by gas processing at high temperatures to change the electronic structure and create the highest level of catalytic activity on carbon for reducing chloramine and Hydrogen sulfate in water. This added catalytic functionality is much greater than that found in traditional activated carbons. Catalytic carbon is an economical solution to treat high Hydrogen sulfate levels as high as 20 to 30 ppm.